We've Done it All!

Our Work is Our Pride!
The talent and experience at PROTON includes great character, work ethic and achievement. Many project designs have technical and physical challenges. In these instance, PROTON thrives the most! Our accomplishment of each challenge, task and successful event brings us the most excitement.

Our creative talent and engineering skills allow Proton to effectively and safely accomplish any live event set scenario. Indoor and outdoor, no matter the size wherever the venue we can get the job done! We can work with any crew, evaluate plans and elevations and manage site visits to ensure that all details are considered. We have the right people, the best gear and proven techniques to make sure your event comes alive. 
The Proton team have decades of experience. We've ben  to hundreds of venues and helped product event all over the country. We have designed for and executed every situation. Our skills and techniques not only relies on engineering knowledge but also have gotten fine tuned and perfected over the years and venue designs and layout vary and technology updates and improves.